Baptism: 26 Jul 1618 St. Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire, England
Marriage: circa __ 1640
Note: He became one of the patentees of Hempstead granted from the Dutch governor, Kieft. He removed from Long Island and settled permanently in New Amsterdam in 1658. In 1663 he was appointed by Governor Stuyvesant one of the commissioners to settle the boundary dispute between New England and the Dutch provinces. In 1665 he was one of the first Aldermen of New York on its incorporation under Nicolls, the first English governor. In 1666 his patent of Flushing was confirmed by Governor Nicoll. He was appointed Mayor of New York City in 1672 and in 1674 one of His Majesty's Council in which office he continued until 1698. In 1691 he was again appointed mayor and in 1692 judge of the Supreme Court, in which office he remained till his death

Will: 7 Jan 1698/99; New York City, New York ("John Lawrence Senior, Citizen of New York ., being above eighty years of age," ordered that "the houses wherein I dwell in New York with whatsoever pertains thereto .remain to the proper use and dispose of me and my dear wife during our natural lives together with the rents & profits of my house & land in Smith's Fly in whose tenure and occupation it shall chance to be & that the survivor of either if it be my wife shall have full power as to her own maintenance so to dispose of all or what part thereof of the moveable estates in whatsoever space they are as she pleaseth to any of our children as their necessities or desert may require without giving an account or being questioned for so doing by any person or persons whatsoever, excepting such household goods, clothing or what else that has been given formerly to my daughter Martha, the widow of Thomas Snowsell deceased, with what improvement she has made thereof sincce she has lived with me and under my charge since her husband went from her being now above seventeen years"; "concerning my estate in land as a patentee in Hemstead & Flushing and the only survivor in both in Queens County on Long Island now called Nausau [sic] of house, lands, meadows & to be divided . granted by patent to me and my heirs as appears under the hand and seal of Col. Richard Nicolls Esq., then Governor of this province of New York & its dependancies, bearing date February the fifteenth one-thousand six-hundred sixty-six, all which lands I do . order to be divided or their true value if sold to each of my children one equal part, of [sic] my son John one part, to my son Thomas one part, unto my daughter Martha, widow of Thomas Snoswell [sic], one equal part, and to my daughter Susannah, the wife of Gabriell Monviell, one equal part, with the proviso that if either I or my wife or both see cause to remove to Flushing, the house in the town with orchard & land thereunto belonging with meadow for two or three cows shall be at our command during our natural lives & no longer"; "what legacies to my daughter Wittingham's children & to Joseph Lawrence my son's daughter may be judged expedient which is not possible for me to determine not knowing what will remain at my decease I leave to the discretion of my executors hereafter named";

"I name my dear wife if she survive me executrix, my son Gabriell Monviell to assist her, my son Thomas Lawrence & my daughter Marth[a] Snoswell to see this my will fulfilled"
Probate: 15 May 1699 New York City, New York

Spouse: Susannah (--?--)
Birth: __ ___ 1620

Six Known Children

Birth: say __ 1643 New York
Marriage: 20 Nov 1682 Sarah CORNELL (b. , pro. 6 Dec 1703); New York City, New York (date of marraige license)
Death: __ ___ ____ (died leaving no issue)

Birth: say __ 1645 New York
Marriage: circa __ 1665 William WHITTINGHAM ( ?, d. 1672); Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Daughter: __ ___ ____ Mary WHITTINGHAM
Death: __ ___ 1671 Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts

Birth: say __ 1648 New York

Birth: say __ 1651 New York
Death: __ ___ ____ (died unmarried)

5/F Susannah LAWRENCE
Birth: say __ 1655 New York
Marriage: 25 Jan 1677 Gabriel MINVEILLE ( ?, pro. 8 Mar 1698); Flushing, Queens Co., New York (date of marraige license)
Marriage: 22 Dec 1702 William SMITH ( ? , d. before 1737); New York City, New York
Probate: 8 Jan 1738 New York City, New York (leaving no issue)

Birth: say __ 1653 New York
Marriage: 22 Aug 1675 Thomas SNAWSELL ( ?, d. 1681); Flushing, Queens Co., New York (date of marraige license)
Death: __ ___ ____ (leaving no issue)

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