Lawrence Births & Deaths, New South Wales, Australia

Births 1788 - 1905
Deaths 1788 - 1945

(Extracted from NSW Registry & Contributed by Greg Lawrence)

    Event Document Father Mother Place  
Lawrence Ada E. D 249/1875 John Ellen Sydney ***
Lawrence Ada Eliza B 3209/1876 Thomas Elizabeth Sydney  
Lawrence Ada M. D 8786/1927 John   Temora Aged 38
Lawrence Ada M.C.A. B 13984/1867   Mary Parramatta  
Lawrence Ada May B 3624/1871 Henry Elizabeth Newtown  
Lawrence Adam B 11888/1872 Adam Mary Macleay River  
Lawrence Adelaide D 14145/1927 Alfred J. Adelaide L. Paddington  
Lawrence Adeline D. B 11667/1865 Frederick Elizabeth F. Mudgee  
Lawrence Agnes B 547/1864 James M. Agnes Sydney  
Lawrence Agnes D 13481/1910 John Agnes Granville  
Lawrence Agnes D 13153/1925 John Eliza J. Petersham  
Lawrence Agnes D 12287/1929 Thomas Mary Redfern  
Lawrence Agnes H. B 12175/1868 Stevens Agnes Forbes  
Lawrence Agnes Mary B 8237/1872 Samuel Catherine Camden  
Lawrence Albert B 8980/1863 John Rosanna Macleay River  
Lawrence Albert D 6292/1912 John Rosanna Kempsey  
Lawrence Albert D 20503/1928 John Jane Manly  
Lawrence Albert C. B 16396/1883 William C. Lydia Clarence town  
Lawrence Albert H. B 26385/1883 Samuel Emma Newcastle  
Lawrence Albert H. B 29358/1884 William F. Rose Lambton  
Lawrence Albert W. B 5130/1882 Albert Anna G. Petersham  
Lawrence Alfred B 10753/1860 Charles Jane Patricks Plains  
Lawrence Alfred B 11248/1861 George Harriet Paterson  
Lawrence Alfred B 6678/1864 Isaac J. Jane Braidwood  
Lawrence Alfred D 6674/1885 John Elizabeth Albury ***
Lawrence Alfred D 19790/1929 Charles Ellen Granville  
Lawrence Alfred C. D 4002/1926 Alfred J. Nellie M. Bowral  
Lawrence Alfred E. B 30469/1884 William Johanna Patricks Plain  
Lawrence Alfred Edward B 18726/1881 Charles Esther Murrurundi  
Lawrence Alfred H. D 7609/1921 Alfred H.   Bellingen  
Lawrence Alfred I. B 5699/1882 Peter A. Sophia Petersham  
Lawrence Alfred J. T. D 221/1926 James Frances E. Sydney  
Lawrence Alice B 4463/1876 Henry Elizabeth Newtown  
Lawrence Alice D 161/1918 John Sarah A. Sydney  
Lawrence Alice B 6890/1881 James Alice Paddington  
Lawrence Alice B 5782/1882 Lambert Frances Petersham  
Lawrence Alice K. B 12650/1886 James Elizabeth St Leonards  
Lawrence Alina D 18489/1930 James P. Mary Hurstville  
Lawrence Allan S. D 21491/1927 Herbert J. Ellen F. Kogarah  
Lawrence Alma Bell B 19187/1880 Robert Annie Murrurundi  
Lawrence Alwyn John D 15642/1936 Charles Alfred Myrtle Lucy Bankstown  
Lawrence Alwyn W. D 14966/1926 Leslie W. Dorothea Paterson  
Lawrence Amber C. V. D 19846/1928 William V. Harriett Petersham  
Lawrence Ambrose B 4462/1876 Henry Elizabeth Newtown  
Lawrence Amelia B 9200/1859 William Sarah A. Maitland  
Lawrence Andrew F. D 14315/1901 John Elizabeth Molong ***
Lawrence Ann B V18541979 40 George Charlotte    
Lawrence Ann D 9793/1878 John Jane Gunnedah  
Lawrence Ann J. B V1847779 32A William Ann J.    
Lawrence Anna C. B 3202/1857 James T. Emily C. Glebe  
Lawrence Anne B V1834794 18 John Elizabeth   ***
Lawrence Anne B 8752/1857 Nathaniel Bridget Mudgee  
Lawrence Anne B 9233/1858 John Rosanna Macleay River  
Lawrence Anne B 9436/1869 George Mary Carcoar  
Lawrence Annetta M. D 17227/1927 James Sarah Parramatta  
Lawrence Annie D 17938/1922 John Mary Wollongong  
Lawrence Annie D 20710/1925 Samuel Frances Manly  
Lawrence Annie A. D 9710/1925 William J. Vida I. Coolah  
Lawrence Annie E. D 13325/1924 William Annie E. Waverley  
Lawrence Annie E. B 25536/1886 John A. Mary Nambucca River  
Lawrence Annie E. F. D 9516/1941 John Helen Wyong  
Lawrence Annie F. B 17304/1884 Charles Margaret Parramatta  
Lawrence Annie G. D 19696/1928 James Isabel Liverpool  
Lawrence Annie M. B 31887/1883 William Sarah Yass  
Lawrence Annie Maria B 19878/1872 Alfred Emma Yass  
Lawrence Archibald S. B 18035/1884 William Sarah A. Clarence Town  
Lawrence Arthur D 60/1920   Eliza Sydney  
Lawrence Arthur A. D 8094/1930 Alfred Amelia Broken Hill  
Lawrence Arthur G. C. B 17416/1882 Robert Annie Gunnedah  
Lawrence Arthur T. A. B 6392/1882 Arthur E. Minnie E. Newtown  
Lawrence Audrey A. D 2027/1930 Rupert A. Ellen Murrumburrah  
Lawrence Augusta Jane D 16245/1938 William John Mary Ann Marrickville  
Lawrence Augustus M. B 7029/1886   Elizabeth St Peters  
Lawrence Benjamin B 9551/1871 Benjamin Jane Deniliquin  
Lawrence Benjamin D 4761/1890 John Lavinia Deniliquin  
Lawrence Benjamin J. B V1847278 59 Joseph Willmet    
Lawrence Billie J. D 1497/1927 John L. Myrtle E. M. Annandale  
Lawrence Blanche Gertrude M. B 1805/1873 John Rees Esther Sydney  
Lawrence Bradalben B. B 19063/1883 David Eva Gunnedah  
Lawrence Bridget C. B 10098/1857 Samuel T. Ann Penrith  
Lawrence Bridget J. B 12768/1868 Nathaniel Bridget Mudgee  
Lawrence Caroline B 15821/1871 George Harriet Patricks Plains  
Lawrence Catherine B 9617/1857 Samuel Catherine Parramatta  
Lawrence Catherine D 9642/1921 John Catherine Goulburn  
Lawrence Catherine D 19479/1929 Edward Eleanor Sydney  
Lawrence Catherine M. D 16510/1920 Thomas B. Mary A. Rockdale  
Lawrence Catherine M. B 7969/1883 James Alice Paddington  
Lawrence Catherine M. P. B 873/1882 John A. Mary Sydney  
Lawrence Charles B V18491493 145 Samuel Catherine    
Lawrence Charles B 14698/1867 Elias Ellen Penrith  
Lawrence Charles B 3282/1870 Henry F. Elizabeth Newtown  
Lawrence Charles D 8730/1906 John Mary Granville  
Lawrence Charles D 8831/1920 Andrew J. Sarah Paterson  
Lawrence Charles A. D 16002/1924 John A. Mary Sydney  
Lawrence Charles Albert B 15759/1872 Charles Elizabeth Patricks Plain  
Lawrence Charles Edward C. B 7886/1873 John Richard Emily Ann Maitland  
Lawrence Charles F. S. B 1301/1866 William E. Jessina E. Sydney  
Lawrence Charles G. D 10960/1922 John R. Esther Newtown  
Lawrence Charles G. B 5076/1882 John R. Esther Burwood  
Lawrence Charles G. R. B 28455/1881 William Sarah Yass  
Lawrence Charles H. D 12134/1927 Stephen Elizabeth Auburn  
Lawrence Charles H. B 19760/1886   Eliza A. Paterson  
Lawrence Charles H. P. B 4827/1858 Charles Mary Bathurst  
Lawrence Charles John D 18680/1942 John Rose Kempsey  
Lawrence Charles N. B 12250/1885 Charles A. Ellen J. Manly  
Lawrence Charles Nelson B 10596/1876 Benjamin Jane Deniliquin  
Lawrence Charles W. D 18848/1923 William J. Emily Mosman  
Lawrence Charles William B 12225/1874 Charles Philip Mary Hartley  
Lawrence Charlotte D 12584/1920 Lewis Sarah Randwick  
Lawrence Charlotte Amelia D 15371/1945 John   Canterbury  
Lawrence Christina B 9559/1880 Alexander Christina Balranald  
Lawrence Clara B 12023/1884 George A. Eleanor A. Albury  
Lawrence Constance B 12844/1874 John Sarah Liverpool  
Lawrence Daisy J. B 19863/1884 Herbert Helen C. Grafton  
Lawrence Daisy M. St. D 1874/1830 Edward Marie North Sydney  
Lawrence Daphne D 18873/1944 John Florrie Newcastle  
Lawrence David B V18498315 45C David      
Lawrence David B 11883/1865 Charles Jane Musswellbrook  
Lawrence David B 4672/1866 Stephen Agnes Albury  
Lawrence David D 5073/1913 John Elizabeth Sydney ***
Lawrence David L. B 5000/1861 Charles Mary Bathurst  
Lawrence David S. D 19256/1926 Charles S. Laurence Chatswood  
Lawrence Delia James D 5007/1924     Auburn nee O'Horalan
Lawrence Donald S. G. B 5984/1866   Sarah Braidwood  
Lawrence Dorothy L. F. D 18963/1930 James F. C. Susan M. Balmain South  
Lawrence Edgar A. B 21328/1885 David Eva Gunnedah  
Lawrence Edgar H. B 4119/1871 John Susie Redfern  
Lawrence Edith A. B 14240/1867 Henry Sarah Paterson  
Lawrence Edith E. B 6777/1884 Lambert Frances Petersham  
Lawrence Edith Isobel D 16553/1937 John Robert Annie G. Randwick  
Lawrence Edmund B 11791/1863 Thomas Martha Paterson  
Lawrence Edward B 5599/1860 Isaac J. Jane Braidwood  
Lawrence Edward D 8267/1899 John Mary Sydney  
Lawrence Edward D 11262/1923 Thomas Martha Singleton  
Lawrence Edward D 11299/1936 John Rosina Kempsey  
Lawrence Edward B. D 20040/1928 Henry Agnes Newtown  
Lawrence Edward H. D 12273/1926 James J. Catherine Redfern  
Lawrence Edward I. B 5521/1860 Edward Mary A. Braidwood  
Lawrence Edward J. B 2553/1869 John H. Ellen Sydney ***
Lawrence Edward J. D 4420/1915 John Ellen Sydney ***
Lawrence Edward J. D 16468/1924 John Ann Redfern  
Lawrence Edward Joseph B 17934/1874 Joseph Julia Port Stephens  
Lawrence Edward R.. D 11628/1930 Isaac J. Jane Ashfield  
Lawrence Edward S. B V185249 52 William Ann J.    
Lawrence Edward W. D 3398/1926 John Emily A. Inverell  
Lawrence Edwin B V1854889 44A John Rosanna    
Lawrence Edwin E. B 13791/1865 Elias Ellen Penrith  
Lawrence Edwin E. B 30394/1885 Alfred T. Annie Lambton  
Lawrence Eivron Henrietta D 21393/1938 John Henry May Sydney  
Lawrence Eleanor B 4226/1873 Henry Elizabeth Newtown  
Lawrence Eleanor L. B 6211/1882 Frederick C. Anne Glebe  
Lawrence Eleanor P B 6667/1869 Samuel Catherine Bathurst  
Lawrence Eleanore E. B 11390/1884 James Elizabeth St Leonards  
Lawrence Eliza B V1833197 17 George Ann    
Lawrence Eliza D 7628/1903 John Eliza Redfern  
Lawrence Eliza D 16563/1928 John Eliza Corowa  
Lawrence Eliza A. B V1855176 42A Thomas Martha    
Lawrence Eliza A. B 9109/1860 John Emily A Morpeth  
Lawrence Eliza A. B 12106/1863 George Harriet Patricks Plains  
Lawrence Eliza Jane B 8694/1873 Stephen Agnes Grenfell  
Lawrence Eliza L. D 12123/1890 John R. Eliza J. St Leonards  
Lawrence Elizabeth B V18422739 31A John Elizabeth   ***
Lawrence Elizabeth B 9978/1857 Charles Jane Patricks Plains  
Lawrence Elizabeth B 8967/1857 George Charlotte Murrurundi  
Lawrence Elizabeth B 2615/1871 Henry Margaret Sydney  
Lawrence Elizabeth D 9374/1876 John Isabella Patricks Plain  
Lawrence Elizabeth D 7836/1920 Thomas Mary Liverpool  
Lawrence Elizabeth D 5904/1944 John Sarah Ann Wagga Wagga  
Lawrence Elizabeth B 17248/1881 Charles P. Mary Hartley  
Lawrence Elizabeth B 5816/1861 Stephen Elizabeth Braidwood  
Lawrence Elizabeth A. B 7454/1864 George Mary Carcoar  
Lawrence Elizabeth A. B 5000/1869 Charles Harriett St George  
Lawrence Elizabeth Emily B 5662/1880   Elizabeth E. Newtown  
Lawrence Elizabeth J. B 458/1867 John Lucy Sydney  
Lawrence Elizabeth M. B 15457/1874 Samuel Emma Newcastle  
Lawrence Elizabeth R. B 3269/1884   Mary Sydney  
Lawrence Elizabeth W. B V185341 59 Joseph Willmett    
Lawrence Ellen B 6349/1860 George Mary Carcoar  
Lawrence Ellen B 9439/1871 George Mary Cowra  
Lawrence Ellen A. B 12449/1867 Frederick Elizabeth F. Mudgee  
Lawrence Ellen E. D 7443/1891 John Ellen Hunter ***
Lawrence Ellen Elizabeth B 12668/1871 William Ellen Maitland  
Lawrence Elsie May B 5073/1874 John Wheatley Susannah Redfern  
Lawrence Emeline Jane B 1085/1874 Thomas Emma Sydney  
Lawrence Emily B 18149/1867 Alfred Emma Yass  
Lawrence Emily B 41413/1927   Louisa E.    
Lawrence Emily B 13009/1876   Louisa Emily Hartley  
Lawrence Emily F. B 12198/1863 Elias Eleanor Penrith  
Lawrence Emily H. B 11423/1868 John Emily A. Maitland  
Lawrence Emily L. B 16102/1882 Henry C. Sarah E. Glen Innes  
Lawrence Emily Louisa B 16293/1875 Samuel Emma Newcastle  
Lawrence Emma B 4046/1885 Joseph Harriet Balmain  
Lawrence Ernest J. B 5954/1882 John T. Mary J. Glebe  
Lawrence Esther E. T. B 501/1870 John R. Esther Sydney  
Lawrence Esther S. B 577/1882 Philip Amelia Sydney  
Lawrence Ethel Julia B 16551/1883 William Sarah Paterson  
Lawrence Ethel M. B 24144/1881 Nelson Mary Armidale  
Lawrence Evaline B 18128/1875 Elias Ellen Penrith  
Lawrence Eveline F B 15395/1874 Charles Emmarella F. Newcastle  
Lawrence Evert M. B 30791/1883 Nelson Mary Tenterfield  
Lawrence Female B 8179/1863 William L. Charlotte Grafton  
Lawrence Florence J. B 9038/1884 Edward R. Janet Paddington  
Lawrence Florence M. B 30821/1884 William Mary Jane Queanbeyan  
Lawrence Frances H. B 1222/1856 Richard Rebecca Sydney  
Lawrence Francis B 13197/1870 Nathaniel Bridget Mudgee  
Lawrence Francis B 20368/1885 Frederick Bridget Grafton  
Lawrence Frank D. B 3764/1885 James Eliza Sydney  
Lawrence Frederick B 12442/1862 Samuel Ann Penrith  
Lawrence Frederick G. B 13382/1866 George Harriet Patricks Plains  
Lawrence Frederick J. B 5550/1869 Alfred Eliza Albury  
Lawrence Frederick J. B 18260/1884 James Alice Paddington  
Lawrence Frederick R. R. B 13268/1871 Frederick Elizabeth Flora Mudgee  
Lawrence Frederick S. B V1856190 149 Frederick J. Emily C.    
Lawrence George B V183262 16 Benjamin Bridget    
Lawrence George B 15670/1874 Joseph Mary Ann Newcastle  
Lawrence George A. C. B 9098/1881 George A. Eleanor A. Albury  
Lawrence George E. B 3940/1863 William Louisa St George  
Lawrence George E. B 10314/1864 John Emily A. Maitland  
Lawrence George E. B 6885/1885 Albert Anna G. St. Peters  
Lawrence George H. B 8120/1867 George Mary Carcoar  
Lawrence George H. B 23980/1883 Charles Esther H. Mudgee  
Lawrence George P. B 933/1881 Thomas Eliza F. Sydney  
Lawrence George T. B 4515/1875 John R. Esther Paddington  
Lawrence George V. B 7144/1885 Frederick C. Ann Glebe  
Lawrence Grace B V18511777 141 Nathaniel Bridget    
Lawrence Hannah B 4469/1883 Joseph Harriet Balmain  
Lawrence Hannah B V18092015 1A   Mary    
Lawrence Hannah B V18108 6 Thomas G. Mary    
Lawrence Hannah B 15747/1870 Elias Eleanor Penrith  
Lawrence Hannah F. B V1858769 155 William Ellen    
Lawrence Hannah Ruth B 17632/1875 George Harriett Paterson  
Lawrence Harold B 12362/1885 George A. Eleanor A. Albury  
Lawrence Harriet B 20264/1874 Charles Martha Ulladulla  
Lawrence Harriet Eliza B 5751/1871 Alfred Eliza Albury  
Lawrence Harriet Mary B 5435/1873 Charles Harriet St George  
Lawrence Harriett B 5989/1861 Edward Mary A. Braidwood  
Lawrence Harriett B 15700/1872 George Harriett Paterson  
Lawrence Henry B 1726/1866 Henry Margaret Sydney  
Lawrence Henry B 16223/1869 Henry Sarah Paterson  
Lawrence Henry B 5656/1880 Henry Frederick Eleanor Newtown  
Lawrence Henry W. B 118/1872 John H. Ellen Sydney ***
Lawrence Herbert J. B 4073/1883 Alfred T. Ann Balmain  
Lawrence Herbert J. B 3195/1885 John T. Mary J. Sydney  
Lawrence Honor B 20725/1884   Mary A. Gunnedah  
Lawrence Horace Bridge B 13973/1873 Frederick Elizabeth Flora Mudgee  
Lawrence Horace G. B 7608/1883 William G. Mary A. Paddington  
Lawrence Hubert Hugh B 24590/1885 William J. Amelia Kempsey  
Lawrence Ida Lavinia B 13838/1876   Annie Macleay River  
Lawrence Isabella B 7297/1872 Stephen Agnes Grenfell  
Lawrence James B V18511978 40 George Charlotte    
Lawrence James B V18561649 155 James Jane    
Lawrence James B 16450/1871 Joseph Julia Port Stephens  
Lawrence James B 17110/1873 Elias Ellen Penrith  
Lawrence James B 9839/1873 George Mary Cowra  
Lawrence James A. B 14725/1862 Richard Rebecca Windsor  
Lawrence James A. B 5991/1885 Augustine Rosanna Petersham  
Lawrence James E. B V18561343 155 Henry Martha    
Lawrence James F. B 13457/1869 James Ellen P. Moama  
Lawrence James H. B 911/1856 Luke Eliza Sydney  
Lawrence James H. B 12276/1870 John Emily A. Maitland  
Lawrence James H. B 20853/1884 John Isabella Quirindi  
Lawrence James Henry B 14694/1876 James Francis Moama  
Lawrence James Irwin B 5671/1874 Charles Harriet St George  
Lawrence James S. B 7112/1870 Stephen Agnes Binalong  
Lawrence Jane B 11137/1867 John Rosanna Macleay River  
Lawrence Jane B 19220/1882 William Johanna Muswellbrook  
Lawrence Jessie Macbain B 8928/1879 Alexander Christina Balranald  
Lawrence Job B 15225/1870 Thomas Martha Paterson  
Lawrence John B V18462741 31A John Elizabeth   ***
Lawrence John B V18521140 51 John Jane    
Lawrence John B 9878/1857 John Ruth Paterson  
Lawrence John B 9260/1861 William Sarah A. Maitland  
Lawrence John B 9564/1862 John Emily A. Maitland  
Lawrence John B 11420/1866 Nathaniel Bridget Mudgee  
Lawrence John B 9174/1868 Isaac J. Jane Goulburn  
Lawrence John B 7207/1882 Edward R. Janet Paddington  
Lawrence John B 26357/1884 William Caroline A. Wagga Wagga  
Lawrence John C. B 17211/1868 Charles Martha Ulladulla  
Lawrence John C. C. B V18601583 155 John Margaret    
Lawrence John J. B 13830/1881 Charles Margaret Parramatta  
Lawrence John R. B 3312/1867 John R. Esther Glebe  
Lawrence John Robert B 15122/1874 John Isabella Murrurundi  
Lawrence John T. B 11954/1863 Charles Jane Patricks Plain  
Lawrence John T. B 15272/1870 Henry Sarah Paterson  
Lawrence John Thomas S. B 9899/1873 Benjamin Jane Deniliquin  
Lawrence John W. B V188225958 1B James Jane    
Lawrence John William B 7881/1880 Lambert Frances St George  
Lawrence Joseph B 14578/1872 Joseph Mary Ann Newcastle  
Lawrence Joseph W. B V1854277 59 Joseph Willmett    
Lawrence Joseph William B 8998/1874 Samuel Catherine Camden  
Lawrence Kate B 15465/1871 Richard Rebecca Parramatta  
Lawrence Kate A. M. B 5253/1882 Augustine Rose Petersham  
Lawrence Leslie H. B 22032/1883 William J. Amelia West Kempsey  
Lawrence Letty R. A. E. B 12709/1864 George Elizabeth Parramatta  
Lawrence Leura R. B 22610/1882 George Jemima R. Moulamein  
Lawrence Levi B 11484/1863   Mary A. Parramatta  
Lawrence Lillian May B 1839/1876 William Thomas Maria Clementia Sydney  
Lawrence Linda I. B 15670/1900 Henry Harriet Paterson  
Lawrence Lionel B 4378/1873 John Lewis Elizabeth Ann Paddington  
Lawrence Lionel J. B 2769/1900 George H. Julia A. Cowra  
Lawrence Louisa B 5558/1873 James Lucy St George  
Lawrence Louisa B 23705/1881 Joseph Mary A. Newcastle  
Lawrence Louisa E. B 3253/1856 Charles P. Mary Bathurst  
Lawrence Louisa M. B 5897/1883 Albert Anna G. Petersham  
Lawrence Lucilla B 18708/1900   Mary P. Sydney  
Lawrence Lucy Maud B 7716/1880 James Lucy St George  
Lawrence Male B 476/1858 Thomas Ellen Sydney  
Lawrence Male B 11840/1863 Henry Sarah Paterson  
Lawrence Margaret B V18133039 1A Thomas Elizabeth    
Lawrence Margaret B V1813185 7 Thomas Elizabeth    
Lawrence Margaret B 1749/1864 Henry Margaret Sydney  
Lawrence Margaret B 14527/1874 Nathaniel Bridget Mudgee  
Lawrence Margaret B 16029/1875 Robert Catherine Newcastle  
Lawrence Margaret B 6026/1876 James Lucy St George  
Lawrence Margaret A. B 13786/1885 Alexander Christina Balranald  
Lawrence Margaret Emily S. B 7887/1873 John Richard Margaret Bourke  
Lawrence Margaret H. B 9647/1857 George Elizabeth Parramatta  
Lawrence Margaret J. B 18909/1883 John Isabella Gunnedah  
Lawrence Maria B 1312/1869 Henry Margaret Sydney  
Lawrence Maria M. B 20208/1881 Peter Jane Molong  
Lawrence Marian B 4654/1867 Charles Harriett St George  
Lawrence Marian R. B 21436/1900 Nelson Catherine Corowa  
Lawrence Marriana B V18541036 42A Richard Rebbecca    
Lawrence Martha B 16909/1867 Charles Martha Ulladulla  
Lawrence Martha J. B 5405/1858 John Elizabeth Moreton Bay  
Lawrence Mary B 6860/1862 George Mary Carcoar  
Lawrence Mary B 3140/1865 Henry Elizabeth M. A. Redfern  
Lawrence Mary B 5891/1871 Nelson Mary Ann Albury  
Lawrence Mary B 13606/1872 Henry Catherine Gulgong  
Lawrence Mary B 5340/1882 Charles Harriet Petersham  
Lawrence Mary B 11820/1883 Alexander Christina Balranald  
Lawrence Mary A. B 11165/1860 Elias Eleanor Penrith  
Lawrence Mary A. B 11523/1861 Charles Jane Patricks Plain  
Lawrence Mary A. B 20130/1869 Alfred Emma Yass  
Lawrence Mary A. B 4888/1870 James Lucy St George  
Lawrence Mary Ann B 21179/1879 William Sarah Paterson  
Lawrence Mary E. B 10097/1857 Samuel T. Ann Penrith  
Lawrence Mary Gertrude B 18308/1879 John Isabella Murrurundi  
Lawrence Mary J. B V18541116 30A George Ann E.    
Lawrence Mary J. B V1853885 39A John Ruth    
Lawrence Mary J. B 5718/1863 John R. Margaret Bombala  
Lawrence Mary J. B 10493/1866 John Emily A. Maitland  
Lawrence Mary J. B 12932/1868 Charles Jane Muswellbrook  
Lawrence Mary J. B 9311/1881 Alfred Eliza Albury  
Lawrence Mary J. B 21932/1881 George Margaret A. Moama  
Lawrence Mary J. B 16557/1883 Richard Amelia Paterson  
Lawrence Mary S. B 14336/1871 Joseph Mary A. Newcastle  
Lawrence Maud B 290/1879   Fanny Jane Sydney  
Lawrence Maude Alice B 19833/1874   Louisa Tamworth  
Lawrence May B 1994/1884   Harriet Sydney  
Lawrence Mildred E. B 14105/1884 Richard B. Mary A. West Macquarie  
Lawrence Milicent E. B 8495/1866 Isaac J. Jane Goulburn  
Lawrence Minnie B 14375/1872 Charles Emmaretta F. Newcastle  
Lawrence Minnie B 6083/1874 Alfred Eliza Albury  
Lawrence Morgan B 11963/1869 Charles Mary Hartley  
Lawrence Nathaniel B 14578/1862 Nathaniel Bridget Wellington  
Lawrence Nellie B 10360/1883 George A. Eleanor A. Albury  
Lawrence Norman C. B 20695/1884 Robert Annie Gunnedah  
Lawrence Norphel Malachi B 17379/1874 Charles Elizabeth Patricks Plain  
Lawrence Olive M. B 33377/1900 Francis Hester Mudgee  
Lawrence Oscar William B 1867/1872 Thomas Emma Sydney  
Lawrence Paul B 11889/1871 Samuel Anne Liverpool  
Lawrence Pearl B. B 21371/1908 James H. Eliza Sydney  
Lawrence Peter B 9684/1859 John Emily Morpeth  
Lawrence Peter A. B V1854912 58 William Louisa    
Lawrence Peter T. B 16749/1869 Samuel T. Ann Penrith  
Lawrence Phoebe M. B 1577/1858 Stephen Elizabeth Sydney  
Lawrence Rebecca B 13261/1858 Richard Rebecca Windsor  
Lawrence Rebecca B 9763/1871 William Sarah Ann Dungog  
Lawrence Richard A. B 16822/1865 Richard Rebecca Wollombi  
Lawrence Richard Bryant B 11326/1879 Richard B. Mary Ann Carcoar  
Lawrence Richard Thomas B 10310/1874 William Sarah Ann Dungog  
Lawrence Robert B V18518316 45C John Rosanna    
Lawrence Robert B 12895/1869 John Rosanna Macleay River  
Lawrence Robert B 13725/1872 Isaac James Jane Murrurundi  
Lawrence Robert B 20227/1875 Robert Annie Tamworth  
Lawrence Robert B 27055/1883 Robert Catherine Newcastle  
Lawrence Robert Sydney B 3331/1879 Robert Sophia Sydney  
Lawrence Robina Elizabeth B 7834/1876 Richard Bryant Mary Ann Bathurst  
Lawrence Rosanna B V1850612 44A John Rosanna    
Lawrence Rosanna B V18513238 37A John Rosanna    
Lawrence Rose B 18447/1876 Charles Elizabeth Patricks Plain  
Lawrence Samuel B V18236428 1B James Jane    
Lawrence Samuel B V1851105 51 William Annie J    
Lawrence Samuel B 11408/1859 Samuel Ann Penrith  
Lawrence Samuel B 14278/1867 Thomas Martha Paterson  
Lawrence Samuel H. B 12999/1866 William Sarah A. Paterson  
Lawrence Samuel L. M. B 7933/1883 Samuel R. Annie M. Paddington  
Lawrence Samuel Thomas B 11325/1879 Richard B. Mary Ann Carcoar  
Lawrence Sarah B V18442740 31A John Elizabeth   ***
Lawrence Sarah B V18491977 40 George Charlotte    
Lawrence Sarah B 18180/1883 Frederick Bridget Grafton  
Lawrence Sarah B 18245/1884 Henry Sarah Paterson  
Lawrence Sarah B 6083/1884 John R. Esther Ashfield  
Lawrence Sarah A B V18433016 Thomas P. Mary J.    
Lawrence Sarah A B 11683/1866 Charles Jane Muswellbrook  
Lawrence Sarah A B 11686/1868 William Sarah A. Maitland  
Lawrence Sarah A B 16519/1869 George Harriet Patricks Plain  
Lawrence Sarah Ann B 22574/1880   Elizabeth Penrith  
Lawrence Sarah E. B V18553619 42B William Ellen    
Lawrence Sarah J. B V18541119 40 John Ruth    
Lawrence Sarah L. B 7754/1857 John Rosanna Macleay River  
Lawrence Sarah L. B 12429/1858 William L. Mayalba Tamworth  
Lawrence Seth H. B 11542/1862 George Elizabeth Parramatta  
Lawrence Solomon L. B 9836/1858 William L. Charlotte Newcastle  
Lawrence Sophia B 13164/1860   Eliza Wellingrove  
Lawrence Sophia H. B 9842/1863 William Sarah Maitland  
Lawrence Stella B 3574/1884 Thomas Maria Sydney  
Lawrence Stella M. B 5747/1885 George M. Alma M. Ashfield  
Lawrence Stephen J. B V18491992 35 Stephen Elizabeth    
Lawrence Susan B 10677/1883 Alfred Eliza Albury  
Lawrence Susan M. B 28555/1885 Joseph Mary A. Newcastle  
Lawrence Susan M. B 26860/1883 Joseph Mary A. Newcastle  
Lawrence Sydney B 1722/1879 Thomas Eliza Sydney  
Lawrence Sydney A. B 3194/1885 John T. Mary J. Sydney  
Lawrence Theresa Elizabeth B 17261/1879 James McKay Frances Elizabeth Moama  
Lawrence Thomas B V18081841 1A Thomas G. Mary    
Lawrence Thomas B V18082912 1A Thomas Ann    
Lawrence Thomas B V18102017 1A Thomas Elizabeth    
Lawrence Thomas B V181050 5 Thomas Elizabeth    
Lawrence Thomas B 12905/1864 Thomas Martha Paterson  
Lawrence Thomas B 2592/1872   Charlotte Sydney  
Lawrence Thomas B 16040/1881 Frederick Bridget Grafton  
Lawrence Thomas B 16049/1881 Herbert Helen Grafton  
Lawrence Thomas H. B 7078/1885   Louisa Glebe  
Lawrence Thomas H. P. B 4850/1860 Charles Mary Bathurst  
Lawrence Thomas J. B V1808122 7 Thomas Ann    
Lawrence Thomas J. B 31608/1900 Alfred E. Mary A. Grafton  
Lawrence Thomas M. B 1500/1858   Emily Sydney  
Lawrence Thomas W. B 20255/1885 William C. Lidia Copelend  
Lawrence Unnamed B 15702/1872 Thomas Martha Paterson  
Lawrence Unnamed B 14366/1875 James Ellen Poplewell Moama  
Lawrence Vera E. B 21711/1885 Charles S. Nellie A. Lithgow  
Lawrence Victor G. B 6066/1883 Robert A. C. Sophia Glebe  
Lawrence Vidia Sybella B 5002/1873 John Susie Redfern  
Lawrence Violet B 34081/1900 George F. Jane Nyngan  
Lawrence Violet A. B 6149/1885 Charles Harriet Petersham  
Lawrence Violet E. M. B 4107/1876 John R. Esther Glebe  
Lawrence Violet Louisa B 19834/1874   Louisa Tamworth  
Lawrence Walter D 4612/1939 John Sarah Liverpool  
Lawrence Walter B 6060/1876 John sarah St George  
Lawrence Walter B 28044/1881 Samuel Annie Wilcannia  
Lawrence Walter Ernest B 20820/1874 Joseph Alexander Eliza Jane Wellingrove  
Lawrence Walter J. B 7384/1883 Albert Margaret Newtown  
Lawrence Walter J. O. D 7553/1926   Martha Narrandera  
Lawrence William D 5729/1874 John   East Maitland  
Lawrence William D 9933/1921   Sadie Sydney  
Lawrence William D 17069/1925 William Catherine Granville  
Lawrence William D 7122/1923 William Charlotte Randwick  
Lawrence William D 16254/1929 Frederick Elizabeth Burwood  
Lawrence William B V18502744 35 William Margaret    
Lawrence William B V1846764 49 William Ann J.    
Lawrence William B 10737/1858 Thomas Martha Paterson  
Lawrence William B 6008/1862 Isaac J. Jane Braidwood  
Lawrence William B 8928/1874 Stephen Agnes Grenfell  
Lawrence William A. D 3169/1930 William E. Norah E. Chatswood  
Lawrence William A. B 11455/1864 Joseph Ann Murrurundi  
Lawrence William A. B 9021/1881   Caroline A. Albury  
Lawrence William A. B 4476/1882 William Ellen M. Balmain  
Lawrence William A. A. D 219/1923 William Ellen Sydney  
Lawrence William C. D 5144/1922   Elizabeth Canterbury  
Lawrence William C. B 8597/1857 William Sarah Maitland  
Lawrence William C. T. B 27886/1900 Thomas H. F. Mary Wollongong  
Lawrence William E. D 8799/1921   Sarah Coolah  
Lawrence William E. B 13460/1865 George Harriet Patricks Plain  
Lawrence William Edward B 1128/1881   Fanny J. Sydney  
Lawrence William F. D 14106/1929 William Ellen North Sydney  
Lawrence William F. B V1856614 142A Cornelius P. Catherine    
Lawrence William F. B 10291/1864 William Ellen Maitland  
Lawrence William Frederick B 7877/1880 John Deis Esther St George  
Lawrence William G. D 4123/1926 Mark Mary A. Penrith  
Lawrence William G. B 11355/1857 William Mary Liverpool Plains  
Lawrence William George B 1947/1879 James Elizabeth Sydney  
Lawrence William H. B 74/1869 Richard Rebecca Sydney  
Lawrence William H. B 8847/1880 Duncan T. Norah Albury  
Lawrence William H. B 24852/1881 Henry Jane E. Lambton  
Lawrence William J. D 10332/1922 Henry H. Mary Narrandera  
Lawrence William J. D 7884/1926 Frank Ada Temora  
Lawrence William J. D 1497/1927 John L. Myrtle E. M. Annandale  
Lawrence William J. D 5011/1930 William J. Amelia Macksville  
Lawrence William J. B V18521623 39A John Rosanna    
Lawrence William J. B V1852701 44A John Rosanna    
Lawrence William J. B V18582199 150 James Sophia    
Lawrence William J. B 5664/1861 John R. Margaret Bombala  
Lawrence William John D 10232/1922 Henry H. Mary Hurstville  
Lawrence William John D 7147/1938 John Rosanna Kempsey  
Lawrence William R. D 16752/1915 John Prudence Inverell  
Lawrence William R. D 14504/1926 Joseph Mary A. Newcastle  
Lawrence William Robert B 15976/1875 Joseph Mary Ann Newcastle  
Lawrence William S. D 16301/1926 Christopher Jane Tocumwal  
Lawrence William S. S. D 16301/1926 Christopher Jane Tocumwal  
Lawrence William S. Senior D 16301/1926 Christopher Jane Tocumwal  
Lawrence William T. B 16543/1883 John R. Sarah E. Paterson  
Lawrence William Thomas D 14469/1938 John Reuben Sarada Paterson  
Lawrence William Thomas B 19024/1876 Joseph Julia Port Stephens  
Lawrence Winifred Annie D 5564/1940 James J Margaret F. Kempsey  
Lawrence Winifred M D 13386/1933 John B. Martha E. Hurstville  
St Lawrence Beatrice M. B 36521/1895 Joseph Marie St Leonards  
St Lawrence Florence K. B 7010/1898 Joseph Marie St Leonards  
St. Lawrence Daisy M. D 1874/1930 Edward Marie North Sydney  
St. Lawrence Joseph D 11356/1898 John   St Leonards  

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